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Dental Exams and X-Rays

In order to make an efficient analysis of your dental needs, a clinical examination, digital photographs and a complete series of digital dental radiographic images will be needed (full body shielding aprons and neck collars are always used). 
Digital Radiographic images use up to 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays film, and the images appear instantaneously on the computer screen. 
The clinical exam will include examination of your head and neck, facial and oral soft tissue, oral cancer screening, dental examination and periodontal examination. We may also obtain dental impressions and bite records to analyze and determine if there is evidence of a malocclusion (misalignment of your bite) present. 
This information, in conjunction with the radiographs and photographs, will help us determine your current dental health and needs. 
If you have had a recent full mouth series taken (conventional or digital) within the last year, we will be happy to help you secure copies of those records. From the clinical records, we assembled at your first visit, a diagnosis of dental needs will be determined and treatment options will be developed. 
These treatment recommendations and all options available will be explained at your second visit. We will also provide you with cost estimates for these treatment options. Please note: The oral cancer exam will be done using the very latest in diagnostic tools, called VELScope. VELScope is the most accurate diagnostic tool available today, for the detection of intraoral cancerous lesions with a greater than 98% confidence. In fact, it can identify potentially pathologic lesions before they even are visible in the mouth. With this early detection, treatment can be more simply and easily be rendered. 
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