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Composite Fillings

In order to successfully treat a cavity, your Ithaca dentist Dr. Comisi must first remove the decayed portion of the tooth. Once the decay is removed, they will then fill it with another substance. This process is called a filling. Depending on the location, size, and many other factors, there are several options for substances that can be used for fillings. The most popular substance is a composite or tooth colored filling.
Composite fillings, which can be made to look similar in shade to the natural teeth, are especially useful in small to medium sized cavities. Due to their makeup, they allow less of the actual tooth to be removed and are best used in highly visible teeth, like front teeth. 
The composite material used by Dr. Comisi is a special type that helps to heal and protect the tooth structure. This material has long term bioactive benefits providing nutrients to the tooth.
When can a composite filling be used?
Decayed tooth (i.e. cavity)
Chipped or broken teeth
Decreasing the gap between teeth
Esthetic/cosmetic improvements
How it's done:
Following a numbing of the area of the cavity by your Ithaca family dentist, decayed portions of the tooth are removed. A bonding agent is then placed and cured followed by the tooth colored composite material. These are then light cured so that that it may harden to match the surrounding tooth structure. After curing, the filling will be smoothed and polished to be comfortable and fit your bite.
If you feel you may have a cavity that can be resolved with a composite filling, call (607) 272-3433 or Click Here to schedule an appointment today!

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