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After so long most of us experience discoloration in our teeth from coffee, tea, or choice of food. These choices wear down the enamel, which is the protective outer layer, as it fades a yellow tint begins to show. This yellow color is referred to as dentin. The best way to fix this is by whitening the teeth. The most common method is using a bleach substance to help restore the pearly white color.
Teeth Whitening Methods:
Our cosmetic dental office, located in Ithaca, NY, offers two popular choices for teeth whitening.
For our patients who prefer a more professional whitening, we have an in-office treatment. We apply a high concentration peroxide gel to the teeth that can change the shade to a brighter white within an hour. 
For those patients who prefer to whiten their teeth at home, we offer take-home whitening kits. These kits are not as powerful as our in-office methods but have a stronger level of the gel than the over-the-counter strips. The gel can be applied for longer periods of time due to the lower strength volume. Usually, they can be worn a couple of hours a day or overnight. This process only takes a few days to a couple of weeks.
To consult with our Ithaca cosmetic dental office about what whitening solution is right for you, call (607) 272-3433 or Click Here to schedule an appointment today.

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