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Metal Free Fillings

91% of people experience tooth decay at some point in their life and are required to receive a filing. At the Ithaca dentist office, we use the healthier and more natural looking option of metal-free filings. The metal-free option is made of porcelain or a composite which is a mixture of glass and plastic. These filings help stop the decay and build the tooth's strength up again. 
Why Metal-Free Filings Are Safer:
The old mixture of metal filings contained mercury, silver, tin, and copper. For several years researchers have been questions the vapor released from the filings, specifically from mercury. The neurotoxins are not considered safe or harmless so close in the human body. This makes the composite filing or porcelain filings safer and better for the human body. The metal-free filings do not conduct cold or heat which prevents any cracks in the tooth over time and they also do not tarnish as metal filings have over time. 
How It's Done:
If your dentist notices decay he will assess the tooth and discuss the proper treatment. The most common option is a filing. In this process, he or she will first remove the decay and clean the tooth. The cleaned-out cavity will then be filled with either porcelain or a composite to match your tooth. If decay or a fracture has damaged a large portion of the tooth, a crown, or cap, may be recommended. These filings not only restore your tooth but also prevent any future cavities as well.
Talk to your Ithaca dentist today about getting your metal-free filings! Our office can be reached at (607) 272-3433.

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